Love and war in Syrian poet's verses at Naples theater

Maram Al-Masri's works become drama in 'Anime Scalze'

28 June, 20:31

    (ANSAmed) - NAPLES, JUNE 28 - This year's Napoli Teatro Festival will include a show based on the verses of Maram Al-Masri, a Syrian poet and writer.

    Born in 1962 in Latakia on the Mediterranean coast, she moved to Paris at age 20 and still lives there.

    The show, entitled 'Anime Scalze' ('Barefoot Souls') has been described as ''a journey to the present of an Orient that we know of through recent news, an archaic present seen from our latitude, the themes of which are universal: pain as well as dignity and the will to resist and live free, joy and even a sense of humor. And dreams.'' The show includes Masri's world, which she described in a recent interview as ''becoming 'the Other', speaking as an ordinary citizens that becomes extraordinary due to their feelings - this is the virtue of poetry; to transform readers into extraordinary beings''. 'Anime Scalze' will make its national debut on Thursday evening in Naples' Palazzo Cellammare and is the voice of a woman who lives amid a vague sense of pain and being closed off and who finds a way out through Maram Al-Masri's verses, in front of which she kneels down like a barefoot soul. ''This is a voice that is always on the edge of a metamorphosis: from the shadow of a character to a character in the shadows, simply the voice of a soul. Between its tale and the poetry recited, an echo effect is created that is highlighted on stage by the superimposition and mixing of female voices, at times in different languages,'' said Sara Bertelà, who will be reading the verses on stage. There are the echoes of the war, broken bonds and verses that speak of a shared human condition in which there is always someone who oppresses and so little is needed for a life to end up bereft of light. But there is also love in Masri's verses as well as the desire to live.

    Author of love poems so short they seem fragments and recall Sappho, the Syrian poet has published about 15 collections of poems, many of which have been translated into Spanish, French, English, German, Italian, Corsican and Turkish. On June 30, Maram Al-Masri will meet with the public in Naples' Palazzo Reale. (ANSAmed).

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