Israel-Press: 20 years on, 'the mythical Moto Guzzi' is back

21 June, 15:53

(ANSAmed) - TEL AVIV, JUNE 21 - In an eye-catching headline, today's edition of the daily paper Yediot Ahronot announces the return to Israel after a twenty-year absence of Moto Guzzi, a vehicle that once was both ''highly esteemed and loved'' by local bike lovers. The bike harks back to a time when Japanese industry was snubbing Israel in order keep its Arab markets sweet, and the Moto Guzzi became the market leader. Many recall the Moto Guzzi TT 650 used by disgraced businessman Roni Leibovic to rob 22 bank branches in rapid succession, without ever firing a shot. The bike-mounted bank robber was nicknamed 'Ofno-Bank' by the press and his capture came as a disappointment to many as by then Leibovic represented the figure of the lone combatant against the power of finance. Moto Guzzis, the report continues, are to be marketed in Israel once again by Piaggio distributors. The latter brand ranks third in the market and has been at home in Israel for generations now. Two months ago there was a homage to the Vespa by Tel Aviv's film museum, showing the cinematic and social presence of the scooter. While its importers are keeping their cards to their chest, Yediot Ahronot expects Moto Guzzi to be a hit among adults who loved the bike as children. It could also attract interest, the paper says, among the Israeli police, providing a competitor to BMW. (ANSAmed).


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