EU - Saez: Croatia ready for entry into Europe

22 November, 00:04

(ANSAmed) - ROME, NOVEMBER 21 - "Croazia is ready to join the EU and the meetings held over recent days have presented a first-class opportunity for tackling the enactment phase of of the Adriatic project, IPA, that is producing remarkable results." TheDeputy Head of the Transnational & Interregional Cooperation Unit of the European Commission,Vicente Rodriguez Saez, has been addressing a press conference on the fringes of the important summit on European Adriatic tran-frontier cooperation, IPA, which began in Croatian Opatija on Friday.

"This has certainly been a promising start for the continuation of the programme up until 2014," the high-ranking EU official said. The event taking place on Croatian soil is focusing on IPA's Task Force and Joint Monitoring Committee, with discussions covering selection procedures for the European initiative's Strategic Projects, with funding totaling around 90 million euros. Another speaker at the press conference was the Governor of the coastal mountain region, Zlatko Komadina, representing the county of which the host city, Opatija, is part. "In the name of my region I would like to make it known how glad we are to host this very important meeting,'' Komadina said, and entering into the matters discussed, he noted how "trans-frontier cooperation is a very important instrument not only for funding but also for connecting the populaces on each shore of the Adriatic".

The Governor went on to highlight how his region was among the very first to believe in their relation with the trans-frontier cooperation projects. "There is a need, when presenting projects, to aim at strategic matters such as the protection and ehancement of the Adriatic Sea and the transport sector, given that links are a vital part". Komadina reaffirmed the need to work towards the creation of macro-regions, especially that of the Adriatic-Ionian, promoting his region's ability to "take on a more active role at the planning and operational levels, and in the case of programmes, in their management: all of this in the light of the experience gained through implementation of projects ahd having created this capacity down the years". The Governor expressed his love of Italy: "the coastal mountainous region has historic links to Italy; we are very aware of Italian culture and in this sense we are a model not just in Croatia but for the whole of Europe and we are proud of this. We feel close to Italy and work as partners" he concluded. "IPA Adriatic" has a total funding of around 280 million euros: participatory states in the programme of trans-frontier cooperation - which aims to bring either side of the Adriatic closer together culturally, socially and economically - are Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, Serbia, Greece and, for Italy, apart from leading Region Abruzzo, there are the Regions of Friuli Venezia Giulia, Veneto, Emilia Romagna, Marche, Apulia and Molise. (ANSAmed).

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