Sailing: 25-nation Youth Olympiad in Naples

Competitors arriving from across the whole of the Mediterranean basin

04 January, 12:18

Campobasso Trophy Campobasso Trophy

(Ansamed) Naples, January 4 - With competitors arriving from across the whole of the Mediterranean basin, the 19th Campobasso Trophy - an international championship reserved for young sailors - starts in Naples today and closes on January 6.

The Savoia Circle, the organisers of the event, have gathered more than 250 athletes aged between 10 and 15 from the most renowned sailing clubs of 25 nations including Albania, Croatia, Greece, Israel, Italy, Macedonia, Morocco, Portugal, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain and Turkey.

The young sailors will take part in races in Optimist Class craft for the trophy that has been picking out the rising talents on the sailing scene since 1993. In its first year, the regatta, which is named after one of Naples' greatest exponents of the sport, involved just five countries and a total of eighty competitors. Over the years it has grown in size until reaching this year's record numbers, ensuring that over the three days of competition the Bay of Naples and Santa Lucia wharf will be ablaze with sails and youthful passion from around the world.

They will compete in the water, but friendships will also be sealed while tending their craft in the wharf. As well as the Marcello Campobasso Trophy, the Savoia Circle will be awarding the UNICEF Challenge Trophy to the highest placed young sailor to be born in the year 2001, while the ''Branko Stancic'' Cup will go to the competitor coming from furthest afield who makes the cut. There will also be an award for the leading female competitor, known as the ''Irene Campobasso'' prize. And so Naples is set for three days of international sailing ahead of the preliminary rounds, also due to be based in Naples, of the Americas Cup. From April 7 to 15, the regattas of the America's Cup World Series are scheduled to take place here, a qualifying event for the finals in San Francisco in September 2013. The Naples-based regattas, initially scheduled to take place in Bagnoli, will take place in the waters off the city centre, along the Via Caracciolo sea front.

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