Transplants: three operations use Maltese donors in Sicily

Following CRT, Ismett and Health Ministry accord

08 June, 19:48

(ANSAmed) - PALERMO, JUNE 8 - Three transplants have been perfomed in Palermo thanks to donors found in Malta. This is the first result of collaboration agreement for donor sourcing and transplantations signed in November last year between the Regional Transplantation Centre, Ismett and the Maltese Health Ministry. Presented at the congress ''The new frontier in treating terminal organ failure: integrated assistance from the local area and the Transplantation Centre'' was organised as part of the Mediterranean Healthcare Forum. The agreement will last four as part of the protocol of understanding between the Maltese Government and the National Transplantation Centre directed by Alessandro Nanni Costa, as part of a collaboration initiative in the training and patient-care sectors in the field of terminal organ failure.

The Maltese donor was a 63-year-old man who died as the result of cranial trauma. The right kidney was transplanted into a 57-year-old woman at the Civic hospital and his left kidney and liver were transplanted at Ismett into a 55-year-old and a 61-year-old respectively. Last night, news of a further donor arrived from Valletta, alghough in this case the organs were declared ''unacceptable'' as the cause of death of the 17-year-old female donor was not known.

As the coordinator of the transplant centre, Vito Sparacino, explains: ''We signed an operational agreement with Malta by which any potential Maltese organ donor, who is not used on the island, is offered to our centre and managed by the Sicilian centre in the same way as Sicilian donors. This is an important step forward in the project to create a Mediterranean transplantation area''. Palermo's Councillor for health affairs, Massimo Russo, added: ''Sicily, which had been in bottom position in Italy a few years ago, has not just attained and overtaken the European average for donations of organs and tissue, but is taking on a leading role among a crowded group of countries in the Mediterranean are, leading the way in growth and development of the transplant area. From this point of view, the accord with Malta represents a very important step forward''.

The Italian-Maltese understanding will allow for organs such as lungs, hearts, liver and pancreas, which are not requested in Malta, to be sent to the Sicilian centre as part of the National Transplant Centre as the ''Italian Portal for Mediterranean Countries'' qualified to receive organs from Malta.(ANSAmed).


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