Tunisia: Banca Nuova taking part in 'Investment Forum 2012'

Bank relaunches deal with BIAT for Sicilian entrepreneurs

13 June, 20:43

(ANSAmed) - PALERMO, JUNE 13 - Banca Nuova will attend the ''Tunisia Investment Forum 2012'' in Tunis on Thursday and Friday, an event organised by the agency for the promotion of foreign investment, under the stewardship of the Ministry of Investment and International Cooperation.

The Forum, which is centred on the theme ''New Tunisia: challenges to be faced and new oportunities to be seized'', aims to convey a new image of Tunisia highlighting strengths aimed at satisfying the most demanding needs of foreign entrepreneurs.

Banca Nuova has supported Italian businesses in the area since 2006, thanks to a protocol underwritten with the Banque Internationale Arabe de Tunisie (BIAT), Tunisia's leading bank. Despite the revolution and subsequent crisis in the country in 2011, a number of Sicilian entrepreneurs have invested in the country, convinced that market opportunities are a natural nurturing ground for the growth and development of Sicilian businesses. Like BIAT, Banca Nuova has supported the development programmes of Sicilian businesses, which today can use funds made available both by the European Community and the Foreign Ministry. (ANSAmed).


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