Project Aper; heritage in Tunisia and Sicily preserved

Punic, Greek and Roman sites under the spotlight

17 January, 12:10

(ANSAmed) - PALERMO, 17 - Conserving the archaeological and architectural heritage of the Punics, Greeks and the Romans in Sicily and Tunisia is at the forefront of the "Aper, Preservation and Enhancement" project, co-funded by a 2007-2013 Cooperation Programme between Italy and Tunisia. Among the selected sites are the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento, Sicily, and Carthage and Kerkouane, on the peninsula of Cap Bon in Tunisia. The scheme is run by the University of Palermo in partnership with the University of Agriegento, as well as Tunisia's Heritage Institute and culture and development agency.

Plans includes a web portal mapping heritage sites in Sicily and Tunisia.

"The development of the portal will be finalized as part of the promotion of tourism between the two Mediterranean shores", Agrigento financial chief, Matteo Lo Raso, explained. "During this stage Sicilian and Tunisian researchers are working on a survey of Punic and Greek heritage. In November five Sicilian researchers went to Tunisia. And over the next few months a group of Tunisian scholars will come to Agrigento to swap their experiences".

Elsewhere in the Med under the Cultural Heritage umbrella, the University of Agrigento is heading up the "Archeomed - Cultural and Archeological Heritage in the Mediterranean Basin" project, in partnership with Palestine, Jordan and Spain. The project, which is set to run until September 2013, will enhance Roman archeological sites. (ANSAMed)

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