Libya war and Gaddafi's death through black&white photos

Exhibit in Trentino to reflect on war

06 April, 18:20

(ANSAmed) - ROVERETO (TRENTO), APRIL 6 - Thirty-three black and white photographs tell the story of the war in Libya from its outbreak to the death of Geddafi in the exhibition 'The Smell of War. War Close Up, Far Away War'. These personal photographs are by the winner of the Professional Photographer of the Year award (PPOTY) 2011, Fabio Bucciarelli, who is also the only photographer to have recorded the corpse of Geddafi in the house of rebel in Misurata. The show opens in Rovereto tomorrow. The show can be visited in the center of the town up until April 22, when it moves to the Gallerie di Piedicastello di Trento, opening on April 24 until May 10. There will also be showings in Milan, Siena, Pesaro and Riccione.

The project is the brainchild of the Associazione Geografica 46/o Parallelo (46th Parallel Geographical Association), which has put on a range of war-related exhibitions since 2009 from conflicts around the world with the objective of offering a unique point of departure for reflection upon the nature of the conflict that happened in Libya and on all of the conflicts presently under way. In this street exhibition, the images are mounted on panels measuring 100 by 150 centimetres and gathered in a catalogue. They enter into the violence of combat; lead to the desperation of the wounded, the captured, the bereaved. The war in Libya thus becomes a metaphor for all of the world's wars. ''The humanity of those involved reveals the inhumanity of all wars, wherever and whenever they are'' the organisers gloss.

Aged 32, press reporter Bucciarelli Fotoreporter, took his degree in Engineering at the Polytechnic of his native Turin and started taking photos in 2009, documenting crises and conflicts including those in Iran, Turkey, Burma, Thailand, Tunisia, Egypt, Greece and Libya. ''In his special way, this photographer is the voice of all of those suffering in wars. All too often, when images of conflicts are published, they provide nothing more than breaking news: the front line, the clash. But war is the refugees, those, who, defenceless, run. It is the hospitals,the suffering of civilians'' he explains. Araffaele Crocco, the director of the collection on wars and conflicts across the world, works as a journalist for RAI in Trento: ''Over recent years, pseudo-realistic films, questionable television documentaries and video games have portrayed wars in a way that makes them almost unreal and distant from us and our daily lives. The dead shown in their coloured blood appear to be pretending. Too much colour: that's the problem. This led to the decision to use black and white, to turn to putting things into definite time and space with definite emotions for both war and its actors''. (ANSAmed).

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