Egypt: Improved Fayoum school for tourism reopens

Italian-Egyptian project with UN migration organisation

24 April, 18:34

(ANSAmed) - CAIRO, APRIL 24 - With a revised and strengthened academic structure, the Fayoum School of Tourism and Hotel Management has reopened today in a region approximately one hundred kilometres south of Cairo. Set up in 2010 thanks to collaboration between the Eyptian and Italian governments and the UN organization for immigration (IOM), the school aims to create sustainable job alternatives and to promote the access to regulated immigration, especially for minors who are at risk of becoming illegal immigrants. Fayoum is a poor rural region from which many of Egypt's emigrees depart, heading for Italy in particular. The School of Tourism forms part of a project to re-educate and prepare young people and to promote organised emigration and offer positive alternatives.

Financed by the Italian Labour Ministry, it represents a sustainable reply to the level of illegal immigration which is held to be of concern, especially of Egyptian minors heading towards Europe and Italy in particular. In partnership with the Elena Cornaro School in Italy's Jesolo, the teaching facilities at the Fayoum school have been upgraded and it has adopted teaching methods and a curriculum that are in line with European standards for qualifications.

In a communiqué, the IOM writes that job creation remains a priority in post-revolutionary Egypt and that Italy is supporting these efforts through cooperation projects in the fields of education and job creation through targeted initiatives aimed at young people and at women especially.

Among such projects is the creation of a technical education scheme in the mechanical sector, which is to be implemented at Fayoum, and a program of career guidance for young people seeking employment through the International Labour Organisation in five Egyptian governorates, including that of Fayoum.



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