Cinema Venice: Dalla for "Pinocchio" by Dalo'

An interpretation of the worldwide known puppet

31 August, 14:53

(By Alessandra Magliaro) (ANSAmed) - VENICE, AUGUST 31 - The last songs composed by late singer and song writer Lucio Dalla and the designs by Lorenzo Mattotti bringing to mind the landscapes of Beato Angelico, contribute to a re-interpretation of the character created by Carlo Collodi without any influence from Walt Disney in the Pinocchio movie by Enzo Dalo' presented at the Venice Film Festival. The Lucky Red production is scheduled to debut in movie theatres this December.

"Le avventure di Pinocchio, Storia di un burattino" (The adventures of Pinocchio, the story of a puppet) is the Italian book which has been most translated abroad, including in the Arab world.

Making animated movies in Italy is not simple, not even for a Europe-wide talent and the filmmaker of Freccia Azzurra and Gabbianella.

The film took a long time to make and was frozen after Roberto Benigni made a movie on Pinocchio.

The first to fall in love with this Pinocchio was the late Dalla, said his partner Marco Alemanno. Pinocchio was for Dalla "a passion and a game, a way to unravel his imagination and fantasy". "Lucio had written the first verse of the last song and should have finished it during his tour, I finished the text and sang for him, the last great gift", said Alemanno.

Technically Pinocchio uses an original animation, a new Canadian software which has only been used before for the Princess and the frog "though we are far from the American and Japanese stereotypes".

In D'Alo's Pinocchio there are the designs by Mattotti, Rossini's operas in the original soundtrack by Dalla and a rebel spirit in the screenplay written by Umberto Marino, which has remained faithful to Collodi's work.

The hyperactive puppet refuses to be like his father Geppetto in order to live his own life full of experiences and mistakes.

"His ingenuous anarchy, his attempt to be free and without limits in a world which takes advantage of his diversity and ingenuity, I have imagined a child who is happy to live and capable of transforming any misadventure into a happy episode", said Marino.

The casting by Maricla Affatato includes the voices of Rocco Papaleo as Mangiafoco and Dalla as Pescatore Verde.

"He really cared for Pinocchio, he had so much fun that he wanted to compose a popular song, he worked for a long time on it, making the arrangements with Roberto Costa and recording in Bologna the entire soundtrack, including a duet with Marco Alemanno in the main song", said Enzo D'Alo'. The movie cost 8 million euros and is co-produced by Italy (Rai Fiction), Luxembourg, France and Belgium. (ANSAmed)

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