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  1. Algerian presidential polls 17/4, Bouteflika in the lead
    • 16:49
    • 15 apr

    Algerian presidential polls 17/4, Bouteflika in the lead

    Polemics, tension and violence on the rise

    • 15:50
    • 21 mar

    Turkey's 'Sultan' Erdogan on ever shakier ground

    'Chaos used as a ploy' to survive corruption scandal, press

    • 10:44
    • 18 mar

    Greece roots for Renzi for 'challenging Merkel on austerity'

    Italian premier's plan is a gamble for southern Europe

    • 13:31
    • 10 mar

    Madrid train station bombings were vengeance by al-Qaida

    10 years ago, bombs killed 191 on regional trains in Spain

    • 20:07
    • 05 mar

    Unprecedented Gulf crisis between Saudis and Qatar

    Abu Dhabi, Manama, Riyadh recall ambassadors over Syria, Egypt

    • 11:42
    • 26 feb

    Egypt has a new premier from the Mubarak era

    Announcement of Field Marshal Sisi's candidature postponed

    • 13:32
    • 17 feb

    Greece: Athens closer to crisis' end

    According to economists, situation constantly improving

    • 09:43
    • 29 gen

    Turkey: Preesident Gul in Rome amid corruption scandal

    Premier Erdogan under fire from opposition and imam Gulen

    • 21:52
    • 16 gen

    Military gets more power in Egypt Constitution, less Islam

    Women and workers gain rights, religious parties outlawed

    • 13:36
    • 13 gen

    Greece: European elections campaign underway,Samaras attacks

    Premier accuses radical left of being anti-European

    • 19:37
    • 20 dic

    Israeli concerns rise amid war-racked Mideast

    But politicans and analysts cite potential opportunities

    • 13:20
    • 11 dic

    Syria: Victims of conventional weapons on the rise

    Head of team documenting war crimes speaks about project

    • 19:12
    • 02 dic

    Mideast: Turkish ever closer to Gaza, with aid and more

    Ankara wants flourishing Islamic enclave here, pundit says