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    • 19:11
    • 21 feb

    Books: illness and pain in Ben Jelloun's latest novel

    At Casablanca Salon, 'The Ablation' about life on a cancer ward

    • 20:48
    • 31 gen

    Books: Syrian soap operas as pro-Assad consensus-builders

    Popular in the Arab world, they uphold Assad's reformist image

    • 12:44
    • 10 gen

    Books: Turkish mosaic in Spinella's 'Pezzi di Turchi'

    From headscarves to homosexuals and Gezi Park

    • 14:38
    • 17 dic

    'From Bethlehem to the heart of man', by Card. Martini

    'Life precepts' by the cardinal, published by ETS

    • 13:21
    • 17 dic

    Turkish director Ozpetek's new book a bestseller in Italy

    'Rosso Istanbul' at its third print, in Turkish bookstores soon

    • 10:21
    • 06 dic

    Jerusalem: Ovadia, they are killing it out of too much love'

    The 'strategies of urban conflict' explained in a book

    • 13:45
    • 04 nov

    Books: Suad Amiry, how Palestinians lost their homes

    Architect tells story of Palestine homes in 'Golda slept here'

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