Turkey: book out on unpublished writings by Msg. Padovese, killed in 2010 by young Muslim

08 June, 18:57

Book out of unpublished writings by Ms. Padovese Book out of unpublished writings by Ms. Padovese

(ANSAmed) - Rome - Appearing in bookshops over the coming days, published by Edizioni Terra Santa, will be a volume of previously unpublished memories and reflections by Msg. Luigi Padovese, the Capucin bishop and Apostolic Vicar for Anatolia, who was stabbed to death in Turkish Iskenderun by a youthful Muslim two years ago, on June 3 2010.

With the title ''La Verita' nell'Amore. Omelie e scritti pastorali (2004-2010)'' (Truth and Love. Homilies and Pastoral Writings (2004-2010)), the volume bears witness to the life of an exceptional Christian - as Msg.Padovese surely was - in a land of Islam.It was an existence spent with the awareness of his religious identity as caught inside the field of tension of encounter and dialogue with Muslims.

As Cardinal Angelo Scola, Archbishop of Milan, notes in the Introduction, his words ''do not cease to impress even today, following his cruel end''. Such words, for example, as the homily delivered about Turkey's tiny Christian community, in 2009.''If, as has happened over the past decades, we were to accept that we should not show up as Christians, but to remain an insignificant presence in the fabric of this country's society, there would be no difficulties for us. But we are becoming aware that this path: the one being followed in Palestine, in Lebanon and above all in Iraq, is a one-way street that fails to do justice to the Christian history of those countries, countries in which Christianity was born and blossomed. Nor would it do justice to the thousands of martyrs who have left a heritage in these countries in the witness borne by their blood''. The preacher ''was well aware of the dangers he was risking,'' especially following the killing by a Muslim fanatic of the priest Don Santoro, and the wounding of another. ''And in the pages of this homily we find a dramatic testimony that resounds to all we 'straw-stuffed' Christians in the West, as a reminder to us that we should live as witnesses to our faith with renewed resolve'' Cardinal Scola concludes.



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