Exhibits: masterpieces on St. Peter, at Castel Sant'Angelo

Works on history of Christianity from 4th-20th centuries

05 February, 16:34

A view of Castel Sant'Angelo A view of Castel Sant'Angelo

(ANSAmed) - ROME - The Vatican on Tuesday introduced a new exhibit of paintings and sculptures by the likes of Jan Breughel and Guido Reni, which opens tomorrow at Castel Sant'Angelo.

Titled 'Peter's Journey', the show is designed to move viewers to meditate on the meaning of life through ''a dramatic representation of faith through the story of St. Peter, the man who was Christianity's most decisive witness,'' Archbishop Rino Fisichella told reporters at today's press conference.

''The show illustrates the path of faith, and it also provokes people to heed the call of faith in answer to life's demand for meaning,'' said Fisichella, who presides over an evangelical council charged with organizing events related to Pope Benedict XVI's Year of Faith (October 11, 2012-November 24, 2013).

''Believers and non-believers have different reactions to works of art, but their beauty inspires both to listen to a message that can be perceived in the silence of contemplation,'' the prelate explained. ''Here everyone faces the responsibility of answering questions posed by the heart and by the mind.'' ''The works of art are the players who interpret the different moments of faith,'' added the curator, Father Alessio Geretti. The show is to be opened tomorrow by Vatican secretary of state, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone. ''The pope might come see it,'' Fisichella stated, although no date has been set. Enriched with film projections and music, the show covers the history of Christianity from the 4th-20th centuries, and includes work by Eugene Burnand, Marco Basaiti, Vitale da Bologna, Luca Giordano, Guercino, Giorgio Vasari, and Lorenzo Veneziano. Co-produced by the San Floriano di Illegio committee in Udine and by the city of Rome's museum superintendency, it includes works on loan from Belgium, France, Germany, Russia, Spain, and Switzerland. It will be open to the public until May.



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