Archaeology: Ramses II vizier's pyramid discovered

On Luxor's western bank

21 February, 17:31

Archeological discoveries in Luxor [ARCHIVE MATERIAL 20130220 ] Archeological discoveries in Luxor [ARCHIVE MATERIAL 20130220 ]

(ANSAmed) - CAIRO, FEBRUARY 21 - The latest pyramid discovered in Egypt has been found on the western bank of the River Nile in Luxor. The remains were found by a Belgian archaeological mission above a lush green valley. The find is only the latest in the immense archaeological heritage - much of which has yet to be found - on the bank of the Nile chosen for the necropolis of the ancient city of Thebes. Researchers from two Brussels universities announced their discovery of the pyramid of one of the most well-known viziers of Ramses II, the pharaoh who reigned for 66 years between 1279 and 1213 B.C.

''This is an exceptional find,'' said the archaeological team, noting that the hieroglyphics on the pyramid had enabled the identification of the 'owner': Khay, who was 'minister' of both Upper and Lower Egypt for about fifteen years. Located on a hill above Ramses II's funerary tomb, the pyramid was made of 12-metre-long mud bricks which were once fifteen meters high. It was once considered an extremely important part of Thebes' panorama. The Belgian mission said that the find was especially important because Khay is a very well-known figure among Egyptologists, with his name appearing in many documents. He was the vizier of the powerful ruler and held the highest civil position of the kingdom, calling six royal jubilees for Ramses II. The Sed festival - the royal jubilee - was a large ceremony with which the pharaoh celebrated the kingdom's 30th anniversary by putting its power on display. The festival was subsequently celebrated by a similar ceremony every three-four years. Khay was also tasked with supervision of the workers and craftsmen working in the Valley of the Kings and Queens to build the royal tombs. (ANSAmed).


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