Exhibits: Shaul Knaz brings 'social art' to Rome

25 September, 16:36

    One of the works of Israeli artist Shaul Knaz One of the works of Israeli artist Shaul Knaz

    (ANSAmed) - ROME - Israeli artist Shaul Knaz, from Gan Shmuel kibbutz, says he 'tries to create social art'.
    Born in 1939, this bearded, blue-eyed artist is in Rome for his first Italian exhibit at Rome's Ermanno Tedeschi gallery. The show opened on Tuesday night.
    'I am proud to be here', the artist told ANSAmed. 'I admire Rome and its culture. Italy is the country of art par excellence and I am proud to have brought here my work, which is very Israeli'. The artist's paintings are an explosion of shapes, bodies and graphic signs. It takes a little while for the eye to get accustomed but then each shape emerges with clearness: masculine and feminine bodies, cars, tanks, machine guns and children.
    'All paintings represent people who fight each other', he said. 'Yet even in war and Israel's peculiar situation, people try to be together, look for solidarity, family. These represent fundamental values for me and preserving them is my mission as an artist'.
    'In each work I represent men and women who find each other or are unable to find each other but nevertheless don't give up'.
    'Preserving traditional values of solidarity and family is not easy nowadays', noted Knaz. 'People dream of success, an abstract happiness I feel is far removed from my language, they live through technology. But in the end, we all want love and to feel at home: we want to re-live old feelings we have experienced as children'.
    According to Knaz, describing the existence of contemporary human beings means making 'social art' and expressing a political position. 'Being an artist doesn't just imply painting', he said. 'It is a way to live and an ideology. An artist is never happy with what exists and always works for change. Whether the artist lives in Israel, in a Kibbutz or anywhere else, the artist will continue to get involved'. (ANSAmed)

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