Archaeology: 60 mummies discovered in kings' valley Egypt

Perhaps royal family members XVIII dynasty

30 April, 11:27

    Tomb of Royal Children discovered in Luxor Tomb of Royal Children discovered in Luxor

    (ANSAmed) - CAIRO - A great tomb with 60 mummies or remains of mummies of princesses from the 18th Egyptian dynasty (1550-1292 BC) have been discovered in the Valley of the Kings, in the province of Luxor, southern Egypt - an incredible finding. The announcement was made by the ministry of Egyptian antiquities, quoted by local papers.

    ''The hiding place contains the remains of mummies which are likely to belong to members of the royal family of the 18th dynasty'', said Minister Mohamed Ibrahim in a statement, adding that excavations were carried out by the Egyptian government together with a team of Swiss archaeologists from Basel university.

    A preliminary study on hieratic inscriptions on ceramics reportedly revealed the names and titles of about 30 people, probably princesses at the court of Thutmose IV and Amenhotep III. The remains of several sarcophagi, funerary masks and vases containing remains of the deceased were also found.

    Djed Medu, blog of Egyptology, reported that, according to the Swiss director of the mission, Susanne Bickel, the finding could be part of tomb KV40. The tomb, used for decades, should belong to over 50 royal families of Thutmose IV and Amenhotep III. The six-meter-deep layout has five underground chambers, including a central and three side ones where the mummies were preserved. The walls show signs of fire, perhaps caused by torches of grave robbers who often burned bodies to find charms first.

    Inscriptions on ceramics read ''prince'' and ''princess'': at least eight names of unknown royal princesses (Taemwadjes and Neferunebu) were found along with four princes, several foreign brides and children. The tomb was re-used in the IX century BC.


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