Turin book fair opens window onto 'Arab souls'

Arab writers discuss freedom, exile, counter-hegemony

19 May, 14:55

    ROME - The 30th edition of the Turin book fair underway until May 22 has once again opened a window onto 'Arab souls' with space given to writers and intellectuals who talk about "freedom of expression, exile and counter-hegemonic narration in a dialogue with the West".
    Egyptian-Lebanese artist and art historian Bahia Shehab, winner of the 2017 UNESCO Sharjah Prize for Arab Culture, will talk with US historian of the Arab world Mark LeVine, director-general of Amnesty International Gianni Rufini and Senator Luigi Manconi about freedom of expression and research in Egypt in an event dedicated to tortured and slain Italian researcher Giulio Regeni. Berlin-based Syrian writer Muhammed Dibo will discuss the issue of exile with the multiple prizewinning German author Jenny Erpenbeck, while writer Faiza Guène and actress Carla Peirolero will give their perspective on the deprived outlying areas of Paris and Genoa.
    Mark LeVine and Paola Caridi will discuss the 50th anniversary of the Six Day War, with a particular focus on the city of Jerusalem. Lastly, an ancient missal belonging to the Syrian Catholic Church is to be presented to the public for the first time.
    The book probably dating to the 16th century was discovered last year by two journalists in the Christian city of Qaraqosh in Iraqi Kurdistan and brought to Italy where it will be restored before being returned to its rightful owner, the archbishop of Mosul. It is written in Syriac-Aramaic in red and black to mark the breaks and change of reading or reader. The missal is on display in a glass case and visitors can use special glasses to see its original context and the damage suffered by the various structures that have housed it over time.

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