Syria in spotlight at MedFilm Festival inauguration

'The Day I Lost My Shadow' on Friday evening in Rome

08 November, 16:08

    (ANSAmed) - ROME, NOVEMBER 8 - A film on Syria will open this year's MedFilm Festival, which will run through November 18. The film chosen to inaugurate the festival, 'The Day I Lost My Shadow', will be screened at 8 PM at Cinema Savoy.

    It was the winner of the Lion of the Future award at the Venice Film Festival. The film focuses on the Syrian population and its sufferings in the seven years of a war that is still ongoing. Director Soudade Kadaan, born in 1979, set aside her way of making documentary films and delved into how to make feature films for the undertaking. A Syrian born in France, Kadaan shot the film in Lebanon amid numerous difficulties.

    She told ANSAmed that ''the difficulties of this film are those typical of an independent film and those of losing one's country - ie, everything: the people that must be found and the places we had to create, but it was very stimulating. I wanted the film to have as its protagonist my community of Syrians scattered around the world. I had to do the casting in different countries and bringing the main actors together and getting Lebanese visas for them was no easy task.'' On the highly suggestive title of the work, Kadaan said that it was in reference to the images of Hiroshima the day after it was hit by a nuclear bomb. ''I saw shocking black-and-white photos that showed people transformed into shadows and not only the destruction of the city. At that moment I thought of those living under the bombs in Damascus, an even harder situation because they are still walking but no longer have their shadow,'' she said. Kadaan said that he had to experiment with a new way of telling stories for the film.

    ''The language of cinema helped me to speak about the loss generated by war, but my background as a documentary maker enabled me to keep a more realistic approach. The borders between action, fiction and human experience are very thin in this film,'' she added. The director said that she had watched many films in preparing for the work, such as 'Bicycle Thief', Hiroshima Mon Amour' and 'West Beirut', that showed suffering in war. The director will be present at the screening on Friday, in the original version but subtitled in Italian. (ANSAmed).

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