Medas theater debuts in Lebanon with 'Mannai Manna'

Play focuses on common myths in the Mediterranean

10 July, 15:28

    (ANSAmed) - ROME, JULY 10 - Theater as the key to talk to Lebanon about Sardinia to look for common myths in the Mediterranean is at the center of a play, "Mammai Manna", performed by Gianluca Medas and Figli d'Arte Medas in a tour abroad. After Tunisia and Russia, the new dance and cinema performance written and directed by the author, director and actor from Cagliari will be at the Monnot Theater in Beirut on July 12.

    The event is organized by the association Figli d'Arte Medas in cooperation with Teatro Monnot in Beirut and the Sardinian ballet association Asmed. "Mammai Manna" is based on the novel by the same name written by Gianluca Medas (Cuec editore, 247 pagine).

    The 45-minute-long play talks about the history of Sardinia, and the origins of the world, through a dream.

    The performance includes dancing, music and videos - a hybrid between cinema and theater which, through a series of symbols, talks about the relationship between man and woman and the primordial myths that are common to Mediterranean cultures.

    The performance includes several elements of Sardinian culture: tenores, janas, shepherds and farmers. The land and myths evoked by the dances of "Mammai Manna", the video, music and gestures are the common thread to unite faraway cultures.

    Sardinia will also be the protagonist of "La danza delle mani" (the dance of hands), conversations and images on the island, which will be held right after the performance. Gianluca Medas will explain to the public the figure of Mamuthones, while the two artists - Rosanna Ferrau and Veronica Usula - will talk about their creative experience.

    Sardinian will be presented under various perspectives, the oldest and newest, to show how tradition and innovation coexist on this island of symbols.

    The cultural exchange between Sardinia and Lebanon is possible thanks to "Gurdones de Sonazos", which vies to export Sardinian culture abroad. The project is funded by a regional initiative of the education councilor's office IdentityLab, aimed at providing financial support to small and medium-sized companies in the cultural and creative sectors to promote them on international markets interested in the language and culture of Sardinia.

    The internationalization is also possible thanks to a performance that doesn't need words to evoke emotions and beauty but instead uses the bodies of dancers and video images.


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