Franceschini, working on open museums in yellow zones

'At least on weekdays, a first step'

14 January, 12:44

    (ANSAmed) - FLORENCE, JANUARY 14 - Italian Culture Minister Dario Franceschini said the government is working on a provision in the upcoming decree in which museums would remain open on weekdays in the country's yellow zones. Franceschini's comments came during an online convention titled "More Museum", organised by Florence's culture councillor together with the MUS.E museums association and the Florence Museum of 1900. "In the decree that will be concluded today, I am proposing that museums reopen in yellow zones at least on weekdays," Franceschini said. "It's a service for residents. It's a first step, a sign of reopening," he said. Franceschini said the world of culture "is crossing a complicated desert, which brings enormous sacrifices for institutions and workers in the sector, making us realise how ugly our cities are with cultural areas closed. Even those who rarely visited these places now understand that still, they live among beauty, and how much the Italian identity is based on this beauty. Not only as an attractor of tourism but a piece of identity for the entire community," Franceschini said. "As the Italian government we have the duty to help businesses, institutions, museums, and workers in the sector to cross this desert, and we have done so.

    We took very strong measures, we extended social safety nets to workers who had never had them, we extended an aid system even to temporary workers. We will continue to do so as long as restrictive measures are in place, which will be loosened little by little as the epidemiological wave diminishes," Franceschini said. "With yesterday evening's decree, a white zone was also established. Everything will reopen only if parameters allow for it," he said.(ANSAmed). (ANSA).

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