ANSAmed - Weekly diary from June 18 to June 24

15 June, 20:31

(ANSAmed) - ROME, JUNE 1 - The following are the main events scheduled to take place in the Mediterranean area from June 18 to 24: MONDAY 18 JUNE AUGUSTA (SICILY) - Joint Italy-Maltese air-naval exercises (until 22/6).

TUNIS - Oasis Foundation International Committee meeting on ''Religion in a Society in Transition'' (until June 19). LUXEMBOURG - EU, Agriculture and Fisheries Ministers meeting. GENEVA - UN Human Rights Council session. PARIS - The French Statistics and Economic Studies Institute (INSEE) will be releasing its annual report on the French economy. ROME - EU, presentation of, the first web portal created to facilitate access to EU funding by bringing together all the organisations involved. TUESDAY 19 JUNE BRUSSELS - EU, Economic-Financial Commission (ECON) meeting with Commissioner Almunia. BRUSSELS - EU, visit by Montenegro's Economy Minister Vladimir Kavaric, who will be meeting with Commissioner Oettinger. JERUSALEM - Israeli Presidential Conference promoted by Israeli President Shimon Peres. WEDNESDAY 20 JUNE VARIOUS CITIES - World Refugee Day.

CAIRO - Announcement of presidential elections results.

ROME - Conference on ''Can Europe Go Down in Cyprus?'', sponsored by the radical initiative journal Diritto e Libertà. TRIPOLI - Libya Build 2012 conference, with 14 Italian enterprises taking part and organised by the Italafrica Chamber of Commerce (until June 24). MADRID - General Assembly of the International Airports Council (ACI, until June 22). TUNIS - Hearing in the trial against former Interior Minister Abdallah Kallel, accused of corruption and abuse of power. THURSDAY 21 JUNE CAIRO - Final results of the presidential elections. LUXEMBOURG - EU, meeting of the Employment, Social Policies, healthcare and Consumer Affairs Council (EPSCO, also on June 22).

FRANKFURT - ECB, Governors Council meeting. GENEVA - Presentation of the International Committee of the Red Cross annual report. ESSAOUIRA (MOROCCO) - Festival of Music kicks off (until June 24). FRIDAY 22 JUNE LUXEMBOURG - EU, Economic and Financial Affairs Council (ECOFIN) meeting. ANKARA - President Abdullah Gul will be meeting with the parliamentary commission tasked with reform of the new Constitution. ROME - Meeting between Prime Minister Mario Monti, French President Francois Hollande, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy on the eurozone crisis. ROME - ''Federal Europe, the Only Way Out'', with EU Commission Vice President Tajani. SATURDAY 23 JUNE RABAT - Visit by European Commissioner Vassiliou (until 26/6). SUNDAY 24 JUNE Nothing to report so far (ANSAmed).


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