ANSAmed - Weekly diary from August 31 to September 6

28 August, 17:30

    (ANSAmed) - ROME, AUGUST 28 - The following are the main events scheduled in the Euro-Mediterranean area between August 31 and September 6: MONDAY AUGUST 31 ATHENS - Deadline for decision to end detention at refugee camps.

    TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 1 TURKEY - Military exercises led by Turkey in the Eastern Mediterranean (until 2/9).

    BEIRUT - Consultations begin for the designation of a new prime minister in Lebanon.

    BEIRUT - New visit by French President Emmanuel Macron, following the explosions.

    ALGIERS - Scheduled coming into effect of free-trade deal between Algeria and the EU.

    TUNIS - Vote in parliament on future of nominated government, the second in six months.

    OTRANTO - 12th edition of Festival of Mediterranean Journalists kicks off (until 5/9).

    WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 2 No major events scheduled THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 3 No major events scheduled FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 4 THESSALONIKI - International Trade Fair (until 6/9).

    EVIA (GREECE) - Swim marathon 'Authentic Marathon Swim' kicks off (until 6/9).

    SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 5 No major events scheduled SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 6 No major events scheduled (ANSAmed).

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