Greece scraps 200 useless state bodies ahead of troika visit

First 20 now, the rest by end September, no layoffs

23 July, 13:52

Un primo piano su una moneta da un euro Un primo piano su una moneta da un euro

(ANSAmed) - Athens - Greece's government is ready to announce a list of 20 useless state bodies that are to be scrapped over the next few days, the weekly Ethnos tis Kyriakis reported on Sunday. The move comes ahead of another mission to the country by representatives of the so-called troika - EU, IMF and ECB - scheduled for July 24. The Sunday paper reported that a further 200 bodies employing over 6,000 people would be abolished by the end of September. The minister for administrative reform Antonis Manitakis has said repeatedly that none of the employees will lose their jobs. In addition the government is to present the international creditors with a list of four major state-controlled companies that are to be privatised by the end of the year. (ANSAmed).


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