Gulf: camels and dates, now an int'l business

traditional desert foods, from niche markets to the EU

15 October, 17:46

Gulf: camels and dates, now an int'l business Gulf: camels and dates, now an int'l business

(ANSAmed) - DUBAI - The centuries-old traditional desert food sources, camels and dates, are now part of the international gourmet food chain. In 2007 in the United Arab Emirates, a company called Al-Nassma made the first camel-milk chocolate. A recognized pioneer, Al-Nassma today has placed its products in every mall and commercial district in the Gulf region.

In 2010, people began eating camel burgers washed down with date-and-camel-milk shakes. Today the first restaurant to serve camel burgers in Dubai's old city, The Local House, has become a must stop on the local and tourist circuit. Another local pioneer, Cafe2Go, is about to open a second restaurant, offering a wide range of camel meat and dairy products. In Saudi Arabia in 2008, Bateel launched a line of 120 different kinds of luxury sweets based on dates. It is now a chain, retailing a deluxe line of date creations, from chocolate to drinks to cakes.

What began as a niche local market has now made it into Europe. In March, the EU approved camel milk for potential import, declaring it to be more digestible and richer in vitamins than dairy milk. Cafe2Go is a leading, one-of-a-kind franchise coffee shop, and is known as the only place in Dubai where you can get a camel milk latte or camel fajita. The restaurant offers a menu based on camel meat and dairy, from ice cream to cappuccino, from meat dishes to cheese sandwiches.
Starting out in one of the city's most renowned hotels, it recently opened a new branch, launched a mobile station and announced it will be opening two more restaurants in the next six months. (ANSAmed).



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