Crisis: Greece; strong-arm government-pharmacists continues

For debts on medicines

12 December, 14:51

(ANSAmed) - Athens, December 12 - A strong-arm between the health ministry and pharmacists is continuing in Greece over the state's failure to settle unpaid prescription medicine bills. Health Minister andreas Lykourentzos said his ministry respected its engagements in paying back to pharmacists debts contracted by the National Organization for Healthcare Provision (EOPPY) until August 2012 and is accusing pharmacists' unions of 'failing to respect a verbal agreement reached on November 26 with the ministry and EOPPY which provided for the suspension of protests by pharmacists'.

The health minister announced, in retaliation to the protest, the liberalization of opening hours of pharmacies - which in Greece were so far closed on Monday and Wednesday afternoon as well as all day Saturday and Sunday - and the approval of individual accords between EOPPY and pharmacists which have always been opposed by the pharmacists' guild. The national guild is meeting on Wednesday to discuss the situation and future strategies. (ANSAmed)

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