Exhibits: Genoa 'enchants' Istanbul with 21 photos

City's mission to Beyoglu, ahead of summer city twinning

31 January, 14:25

Street view in Genoa Street view in Genoa

(ANSAmed) - GENOA - Genoa city authorities yesterday inaugurated a show made up of 21 photographs of the city's port and palaces, squares and shipyards in Beyoglu, the Istanbul municipality built on the remains of a community founded by Genoese seafarers centuries ago.

With the exhibition by photographer Stefano Goldberg titled 'Genoa. An Enchanted Gaze', the Italian city aims to intensify cultural, tourist and commercial exchange with Turkey, according to city council member in charge of culture, Carla Sibilla.

''The show is made up of real, living places in the city, which I chose as being the most representative, and which visitors can actually find in Genoa,'' the artist explained.

Authorities will sign off on the twinning of Genoa and Beyoglu this summer.

''We're already engaged, now we can get married,'' joked Beyoglu Mayor Hamet Misbah Demircan.

''We're not creating anything new, because the relationship between Istanbul and Genoa, and Italy in general, has never stopped,'' added Italian Consul Gianluca Alberini.

Hosted by Beyoglu's Sanat Galerisi, the show sponsored by Ansaldo Energy and Turkish Airlines remains on view through February 23.

''The fact that the Italian government just placed Genoa's airport on its list of 31 strategic airports for development shows our investment was a good one,'' commented the manager of Turkish Airlines in Genoa. (ANSAmed).


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