Expo 2015: Israeli pavilion 'will show our true face'

Fields of Tomorrow a seedbed of innovation, says commissioner

02 December, 19:33

    (by Massimo Lomonaco) (ANSAmed) - TEL AVIV, DECEMBER 2 - The three-fold aim of the Israeli pavilion at Milan Expo 2015 will be to show the true nature of Israel, to showcase its excellent relations with Italy, and to enrich that relationship with further elements, Israeli World Expo Commissioner Elazar Cohen told ANSA in an interview on Monday.

    Half of the 2,400-square-meter, 11-million-euro pavilion called Fields of Tomorrow and designed by architect David Knafo will be entirely green, ''in honor of the Expo themes of agriculture, sustainability, and food'', Cohen said at the presentation of the pavilion during the bilateral summit in Rome between Israel and Italy.

    ''It will show the true character of Israel, and not the one that is usually portrayed in the press. It will showcase futuristic solutions, in line with the strong innovative drive that characterizes our country''.

    ''Fields of Tomorrow is designed to completely envelop the visitor. There will be a screening of a film using three-dimensional technology, that will show the story of three generations of one family, from the period of pre-Israel Palestine to today, and their progressive development of innovative methods of farming''.

    Israel has come up with new methods that have had an impact around the world, such as ''drop by drop irrigation'', Cohen pointed out. Such technology, introduced by Israeli companies such as as Kaiima, has raised productivity by 50%.

    The pride and joy of the pavilion, said Cohen, will be a wall 70 meters long and 12 meters high, completely ornamented with plants that ''will change their colors and flowers with the passing of the seasons''.

    The pavilion will also showcase Israeli cuisine, which springs from ''the fusion of the multiple Jewish immigrations that make up Israel today: from Morocco to Iran, from Russia to Poland''. Of course, there will also be room for Italian Jewish cuisine, with Roman Jewish cooking first and foremost.

    There will be space dedicated to tourism, ''Israel's true pearl''. ''The spirit of our pavilion is think positive'', Cohen concluded. ''A win-win game in which everyone can play, a seedbed of innovation''. (ANSAmed).

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