Spanish 'halal' wine makes bid for Algeria market

To circumvent Quran prohibition

23 April, 19:03

    (by Diego Minuti) (ANSAmed) - ROME, APRIL 23 - A good Muslim is required by the Quran to turn down both wine and gambling, as both are considered 'instruments of Satan'. The Quran also prohibits such things as eating pork, as pigs are considered the most impure animal. While pork is roundly banned from Muslim tables, wine is instead discretely drunk in many homes. Some North African nations, with Tunisia in the lead, produce wine - mostly Italian varieties - in large quantity and of good quality. The ban on its consumption remains and has sparked the imagination of some producers that - in order to try and make inroads into wealthy markets, such as the Algerian one - have combined their experience, imagination and technology to make a 'halal' wine in line with Quranic parameters for food.

    Those who have made much progress in this segment are Spanish producers, which in the international trade fair Djazagro 2015 (which ends on Thursday) presented their wine.

    The Catalan brand Freixenet is already present in the Middle East. However, now, given the potential in Algeria, it has offered an alcohol-less quality product for the local market. Freixenet representatives say that the 'halal' wine has been made through an innovative procedure that makes it possible to ''extract the alcohol molecule''. Wine, they say, is good for health, and it's the alcohol which is harmful. The Algerian market is in general targeted by agro-food producers (over 30 countries were represented at Djazagro), especially the French. The Far East and Chinese producers are creating ever stiffer competition, however. (ANSAmed).

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