Environment: solar energy to power bus stops in Amman

28 August, 20:00

    (ANSAmed) - AMMAN, AUGUST 28 - Amman municipality has partnered with the king Abdullah Foundation for Development to set up solar powered bus stations across Amman as part of the smart city ambition by the municipality.

    The pilot phase of the solar-powered USB phone-charging bus stop project, has been concluded and branded "The Green Umbrellas" project. Four bus stops in the Zahran area in the heart of the capital will be fitted with solar panels to power lighting and USB ports for commuters to charge their phones, GAM Mayor Yousef Shawarbeh said, adding that the project will expand to cover wider parts of the capital, according to the Petra news agency. Amman has expanded rapidly following the arrival of several million refugees from across the region. Authorities have been struggling to expand services and maintain infrastructure as a result of the population explosion during the past decade. The municipality said it is working on setting up transport solutions including fast bus lanes, trams and improved road networks, but it is suffering from financial crisis as a result of corruption, according to observers. The project, according to Shawarbeh, is also part of a wider development effort known as the "Smart City" agenda, which aims to enhance the quality of the services facilitated to residents of the capital.

    The off-grid phone charging bus stops were developed by the King Abdullah II Fund for Development in cooperation with the Inspirational Development Group the UK based (IDG), according to Petra.(ANSAmed)
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