Montada: First technical users' guide for Algiers medina

21 June, 16:05

(by Paola Del Vecchio) (ANSAmed) - MADRID, JUNE 21 - An effective management tool for assessing cultural heritage: this is the 'Manual for the Renovation of the City of Dellys', in Algeria, which has been realised as part of the Montada Project action programme.The manual will be presented in Algiers on July 9 during a day of debates on subjects around the conservation, management and enhancement of historical centres and traditional medina markets. This is the first technical handbook to realised by the team of Algerian architects working under the guidance of the head of the Montada project for the city of Dellys, Lounes Akretche, who produced the manual's sections on historical architecture and urban evolution. The latter part contains sub-sections on: the context of the city; the urban morphology of Dellys; fundamentals and techniques of Kasbah construction; renovating the architectural heritage of the city of Dellys. "Renovation manuals offer architects and local builders the historical construction know-how for the city and propose best intervention practices to ensure conservation of the traditional architecture and to meet current needs," Xavier Casanova, the book's director and head of the Barcelona-based Montada Project, told Ansamed."The Dellys handbook summarises the urban and contruction tradition of the Kasbah that was delapidated by the 2003 earthquake, and offers methods for senstive recovery, incorporating simple but effective anti-quake systems." It is a useful methodological reference for integrated interventions in the area. Conservation of the architectural heritage of the historic city centres represents one of the major cultural and socio-economic challenges facing modern societies.In this instance, experience gathered on the ground in the area has been condensed into the renovation guide, making it the key to integrating the various intervention and to link past urban reactivation processes with those to come. The Montada project has set itself the goal of recovering and safeguarding the traditional architectural heritage of the Mediterranean in order to save its cultural and historical identity.The project is part of the Euromed Heritage IV programme, which has been co-financed by the European Union with 1.5 million euros over three years. The project involves six Maghreb cities, which are very different urban economic and cultural areas: Salé and Marrakesh in Morocco, Sousse and Kairouan in Tunisia and Dellys and Ghardaïa in Algeria. (ANSAmed) YK8

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