UFM: New project to develop skills of women receive 'label'

Pilot phase in Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon and Jordan

04 July, 14:48

(ANSAmed) - BRUSSELS, JULY 4 - A project to help women in the Southern Mediterranean develop skills for the labour market has been 'labelled' by the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM). The project 'Skills for Success - Employability Skills for Women' was approved for labelling by senior UfM officials.

According to the Enpi website (www.enpi-info.eu) the project is an employability-skills-training programme directed at young, disadvantaged and unemployed women, who have completed their secondary school education. The project's pilot phase will be implemented in the capitals of Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon and Jordan. The programme will include targeted English language training and enhanced professional skills, including computer and business skills development and job search tools and advice.

'Skills for Success - Employability Skills for Women' is promoted by AMIDEAST, a private, non-profit organization established in 1951 and present in the five countries under the project's focus. Once a project receives the UfM 'label', the UfM Secretariat works to facilitate its promotion, especially its financing needs. Once financing arrangements have been finalised and the project launched, the Secretariat monitors its implementation, ensuring that criteria required for obtaining and keeping the UfM 'project label' are being met. (ANSAmed).


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