Euromed: Tempus;new master's programs in Algeria,jobs closer

Extraordinary results, but limits to be overcome, Benstaali

18 December, 19:33

(ANSAmed) - BOUMERDES, DECEMBER 18 - The creation of new licenses and master's degrees that bring higher education closer to the workplace is among the achievements of the EU Tempus program in Algeria, Tempus National Office Deputy Coordinator Baghdad Benstaali said yesterday at Tempus information day at M'hamed Bougara University in the city of Boumerde's. The new programs ''respond better to the needs of companies'', said Benstaali.

Since adhering to the Tempus program in 2002, Algeria has received funding for 47 projects. Of these, about 20 went to reforming university curriculums, while the rest focused on university governance and links with the business world. One example is a project guided by the University of Montpellier to foster ''the development of employment in engineering'' at Bejaia University, which was designated Best European Project in 2011.

''We managed to get extraordinary results, in spite of difficulties posed by limits on the financial management of the projects,'' Benstaali observed, adding that such limits must be overcome in order for cooperation between Algeria and the EU to develop further. A year ahead of the Tempus program's end in December 2013, Benstaali called for an evaluation of Algerian-EU cooperation in order to fine tune the Erasmus For All program, which will include all EU higher education projects - Tempus, Erasmus Mundus, Jean Monet, Marie Curie - from 2014-2020. (ANSAmed).


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