Environment: Greece referred to EU over sewage pollution

04 March, 11:13

    (ANSAmed) - ATHENS, MARCH 4 - Greece may be faced with a major fine by the European Union, over the dramatic sewage situation in the east of Attica, where an estimated 150,000 cesspool tanks have been constructed and are polluting streams, as daily To Vima online reports. A fine was imposed on Greece eight years for the insufficient waste management facilities in 23 settlements in Greece (each with a population in excess of 15,000 residents), however since then the situation has not been managed in five of those settlements in Attica. In 2013 the Hellenic State was referred to the European Courts over the situation in these five settlements - Artemida, Rafina, Markopoulo, Koropi and Nea Makri. The referral suggested a 11.5 million euro lump sum fin and a further 47,462 euros per day, until the Greek government complies with EU legislation.

    Since then construction work has slowed down. The issue gained publicity after Greece was referred for the lack of proper waste management in five settlements in the north of Greece and in Thebes. The situation with the settlements in Attica has reached a standstill, as the proposed measures are considered "uneconomical" by public water company EYDAP. The plans required the construction of 28 pumps, however any damage to them may cause surrounding areas to be flooded with sewage. (ANSAmed).

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