First Italian center on marine biotechnology in Naples

50 researchers to work on patents

01 June, 11:32

    (ANSAmed) - NAPLES, JUNE 1 - An Italian department of marine biotechnology will be created in the coming weeks as part of the Anton Dohnr zoological station, a research institute in Naples.

    ''In Italy we have know-how and great marine biodiversity but we only rank 17th in the world for the number of patents related to marine organisms, something not worthy of a G7 economic power'', Roberto Donovaro, the director of the zoological station, told ANSAmed.

    The new department will hire 50 researchers with a public competition that will be launched in the coming days and will be ''international, open to researchers from Italy and around the world who want to come to Naples to carry out concrete research that produces innovations that can be sold to companies'', said Danovaro. ''We will hire technical personnel, researchers and marine biologists''. Research will focus, among others, on marine pharmacy, research on products that are useful for human health; food and cosmetic products; environmental biotechnologies, as for example organisms that can 'clean up' the sea.

    The project is part of a three-year plan agreed with the education ministry that invests 10 million euros in Naples to start the project with headquarters that are yet to be determined in the port city. With outgoing education minister, Valeria Fedeli, explained Danovaro, ''we agreed on the idea to launch Italy in the world of blue technologies to give a point of reference to the many experiences on the territory. Along with the 50 researchers who will be hired on open-ended contracts, a network of 100 international researchers already involved in the national operation program on marine biotechnologies approved Wednesday will participate. The real novelty is that there is now in Italy a research strategy on biotechnology research as part of the blue economy, which should not be taken for granted''. The new department will organize summer specialization courses for university students and teachers, as well as for children. (ANSAmed).

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