Fishermen from 22 Med countries join to stop plastic in sea

Federpesca and Seeds&Chips announce manifesto

15 April, 11:34

    ROME - Italian fishers' federation Federpesca has joined with the global food innovation summit Seeds&Chips to sponsor an alliance between the fishers of 22 Mediterranean countries to free the sea from plastic.

    The initiative will be presented at Seeds&Chips in Milan on the first day of the summit, May 6.

    Federpesca President Luigi Giannini told ANSA that the aim is to "spread the central role of the fisherman, as written in the Italian government's Salvamare law against plastic pollution, to all countries bordering the Mediterranean". "Fishermen will be allowed to bring to shore any plastic that accidentally ends up in their nets, without having to pay disposal costs. It's a way to make all Mediterranean fishermen the 'street sweepers' of the sea," Giannini said.

    "Plastic in the sea, one of the greatest sources of environmental destruction, 'sails' on the surfaces and the seabeds and certainly doesn't stop at the border of a country.

    That's why we have to unite to win this battle of civility," he said.

    Federpesca is presenting a manifesto titled "Humans of Mediterranean - The Generation that Took Care of the Sea" to raise awareness and generate mobilisation.

    It is presenting the manifesto to associations in the sector in the 22 countries, economic and social partnership entities and the European Union.

    The manifesto contains five articles in which it calls on governments to provide legislative tools and resources to care for the sea, free it from waste, and protect it through a model of circular development that can create shared value.

    The final article of the manifesto reads: "We can show that a joint action for protecting the Mediterranean brings well-being and economic growth in a sustainable way, enriches all and is a significant bulwark against climate change".(ANSAmed).

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