Expo2020: visitors' breath to become oxygen with algae

Tolo Green technological partner at Dubai expo

21 October, 17:54

    The Italian pavilion at Dubai's Expo 2020 The Italian pavilion at Dubai's Expo 2020

    ROME - Carbon dioxide coming from the breath of millions of visitors at the Italian pavilion of Dubai's Expo 2020 will be 'seized' and metabolized by algae (Spirulina, Clorella and Dunaliella) with the introduction of oxygen into the environment as part of Tolo Green's project.

    Tolo Green is an Italian company and a technological partner at the expo. The project was discussed in Matera during a ceremony to present the Italian pavilion.

    During Expo 2020 Dubai, visitors at the Italian pavilion, the company said in a statement, will be able to observe the process on microalgae as it takes place and they will be informed on special panels on how the air is purified into oxygen.

    ''It is a unique project that stimulates the attention on the issue of environmental sustainability'', said Gilberto Gabrielli, president of Tolo Green. ''Being a partner of the Italian pavilion at Dubai 2020 represents for us an extraordinary opportunity to promote our country's best know-how in the field of technological development at the service of environmental sustainability and the production of clean energy''.

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