Israel presents logo for Milan Expo pavilion

Design based on 'Emet', Hebrew word for truth

05 March, 14:52

    (ANSA) - Tel Aviv, March 5 - Israel on Thursday presented the logo for its pavilion at Expo 2015 based on a graphical interpretation of 'Emet', the Hebrew word for 'truth'.

    The project consists of the three letters Aleph, Mem and Tav - the first, middle and last letters of the Hebrew alphabet, respectively represented in blue, green and yellow - making up the word Emet, together with the country name Israel. "The design is based on a graphical project developed by the Israeli ministry for foreign affairs in conjunction with Italo-Israeli web company IsayWeb and is closely linked to what Israel stands for today and to the values of the pavilion in Milan entitled Fields of Tomorrow," organisers said. The word Emet, selected by General Commissioner Elazar Cohen from a passage in the Old Testament book of Psalms, also has a strong link to the "three essential components chosen by Israel for its structure in Milan: proximity to the themes of Expo, the country's modernity and continuity of tradition," IsayWeb's Alex Zarfati said.

    It is no accident, Zarfati explained, that 'Fields of Tomorrow' aspires to be a bridge between past and future, dedicated on the one hand to "the traditions of 'the land of milk and honey'" and on the other "to the most advanced sustainable technologies in the fileds of food and agriculture".

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