Love at work "normal" for 73% of Turkish managers

15 February, 17:14

(ANSAmed) - ISTANBUL, FEBRUARY 15 - An online survey conducted by the Turkey Personnel Management Foundation (PERYON), on the eve of Valentine's Day, found that 73% of Turkish managers believed that love in the workplace was "natural," as Anatolia news agency reports. The survey, which interviewed a sample of 170 middle and upper level managers from 30 different sectors in Turkey, found that 73% considered intra-office relationships totally natural. 17% found that it was wrong and 10% were undecided. The survey also found that 74% of offices allowed husbands and wives to be employed in the same office. Furthermore, only one out of four companies has a special policy regarding husband and wife employment. Of those that do have a policy, only 55% have had such a policy in place for five years or longer. Only one out of 10 companies force their employees to resign if they marry someone from the same office. Meanwhile, the survey also discovered that 70% of employers trust employees who have a spouse working for a rival corporation. 72% also feel that it should not be prohibited for spouses to work in the same company, although not in the same department or in subordinate positions. (ANSAmed).

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