Turkey: Istanbul, bomb-motorcycle injures 16

The bomb blast when a police car passed by

01 March, 14:36

(ANSAmed) - ANKARA, 1 MARCH - Terrorists are back in action in Turkey's main city, Istanbul, struggling with the Kurds' claims for independence. According to official sources, a bomb allegedly placed on a motorbike exploded this morning at nine, local time, injuring 16 people, most of them policemen travelling on a police van. The blast took place in the neighbourhood of Sutluce, hosting the Province's headquarters of AKP, the party of Turkish Prime Recep Tayyip Erdogan. First, allegations were made that the AKP premises were the real target; however, the media later reported that the Islamic Entrepreneurs association (Musiad) premises offices are located even closer to the place of the explosion. The head of the Istanbul Police, Huseyin Capkin reported that the bomb exploded while a van transporting 21 policemen was passing by. None of the injured was seriously affected by the explosion, and only one of them is a civilian. Web sites and the TV have been showing the right side of the white and blue van damaged by the explosionall morning. Also two private cars were allegedly damaged by the bomb. Erdogan condemned the attack and ensured that the fight to terrorism will go on. The Prime Minister did not disclose the identity of the suspected, but he ensured that, "these assassins will not achieve the goal of damaging our unity": the implicit reference is to Turkey's unity, fought by the Kurdish Independence Party, the PKK, who has been carrying out a low-intensity conflict since 1984, causing over 40,000 to die. Similarly, last year a "bomb-bicycle" of medium power exploded last May in a Istanbul district, injuring eight people including a policeman. Although no one had claimed responsibility for the attack then, Erdogan was sure that the Kurdish nationalist terrorists were behind it on the occasion of last June 12th's parliamentary elections. A sub-group of PKK, the "Hawks for Kurdistan's Freedom" (the so-called TAK, who are usually assigned the "dirty job" such as terrorist attacks in the city) had claimed responsibility for the suicide bomber attack that had hit Istanbul on October 31st, 2010 in central Taksim Square. The attack injured 32, including 15 policemen.(ANSAmed).

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