Bosnia: British agency offers trips to war sites and Mladic

9-day tour for 2.870 eur.Offers also to places linked to Gaddafi

12 March, 17:11

(ANSAmed) - BELGRADE, MARCH 12 - A British tour agency offers a macabre 'tour' through Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia, visiting the places that symbolise the dramatic and bloody armed conflict in the first half of the '90s in which Ratko Mladic played a leading role, the Serbian newspaper Kurir reports. The trip costs 2,870 euros (2,400 pounds) for a total of nine days.

'The heritage of Mladic', as the original tour is called, is scheduled for the period between May 19 and 27 this year. It includes an overnight stay in Srebrenica, the town that is known for the massacre in July 1995 of eight thousand Muslims by the hands of Bosnian-Serb led by Ratko Mladic, the former general who was captured on May 26 2011 in the north of Serbia after 16 years on the run. The tour starts in Sarajevo, where the participants will visit the places where the most dramatic events unrolled during the 3-year siege on the city by Bosnian-Serb troops, backed by Serbia. The tourists will see what used to be the frontline, and will visit the high grounds from where the Serbs shelled Sarajevo and the tunnels near the airport through which the resistance received supplies. Other stops are Pale (the headquarters of Bosnian-Serb forces), Vitez, Gorazde and the nuclear bunker used by Tito in the Mostar area. On the sixth day, the group will visit the Potocari memorial in Srebrenica, where the mortal remains of thousands of Muslims killed by the troops of Mladic were buried.

The day after, the participants of the tour will move to Belgrade, where they will visit the special war crime tribunal from where Mladic was transferred to the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia in The Hague (ICTY) on May 31. The general is currently waiting for his trial for genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity. Another stage of the tour is the residential area of Novi Beograd, where Mladic and Radovan Karadzic (former chief of police of the Bosnian Serbs, captured in July 2008 and also under trial at the ICTY) remained in hiding for a long time. Then there will be a visit to the 'Luda Kuca' (madmen's cage) bar, where Karadzic came regularly under the false name dr. Dabic.

A minimum of eight and a maximum of eighteen people will be able to take the tour, for which reservations can be made on the website The participants will be addressed by a former official of the British foreign ministry and a BBC journalist, who used to be a correspondent in the former Yugoslavia. They will also meet members working for NGOs in Bosnia and Serbia, and war crime prosecutors in the two countries. The same British agency, Kurir adds, also organises trips to places linked to Muammar Gaddafi, the Libyan leader who was killed in October 2011 during the popular uprising in the North African country, to North Ireland and to North Korea. (ANSAmed).

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