Syrian refugees stranded on Syria-Jordan borders

22 March, 14:22

(ANSAmed) - RAMTHA (JORDAN), MARCH 22 - Hundreds of Syrian families have been stranded in a Syrian border post with Jordan after Syrian authorities prevented them from seeking asylum in the kingdom, according to eye witnesses.

Women and children from cities of Deraa, Homs and areas in rural Damascus flocked to the border town of Nasseb with Jordan to escape rising violence amid escalating crackdown campaign by the Syrian regime against anti-Assad activists.

Jordanian drivers working on Amman Damascus rout said they saw hundreds of families sleeping in the open air after they were turned back by Syrian border control officers.

''The families refuse to return to their homes for fear of attacks on their villages. They prefer sleep in the border area hoping to cross to Jordan,'' taxi driver Ahmed Shalabi told ANSA shortly after arriving to Amman.

Jordan has welcomed an influx of Syrian refugees since the uprisng against al Assad started a year ago. Many refugees crossed the borders illegally after walking miles of rugged terrains that separate the two countries.

But Syrian families, afraid of being shot at by Syrian border guards, stopped coming to the kingdom through this rout, said activists. Violence has sky rocketed in the past weeks as the free Syria army continues to attack Syrian army posts and the latter carrying out reprisal attacks on villages believed to sympathize with the rebels.

To date, nearly 8000 people have been killed as the Syrian army carries out attacks on targets across Syria amid lack of prospects to political solution. (ANSAmed).

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