Syria: Christian non-violent activist Yara stays in prison

Arrested on 7/3, accused of membership secret organisation

23 April, 16:09

(ANSAmed) - BEIRUT, APRIL 23 - Yara Shammas, a 21-year-old Syrian Christian peace activist, stays in prison under charges of ''spreading false information'' and ''membership of a secret organisation, after hearing the accusations made by the military tribunal in Homs. The news was reported to ANSA by the father of the young woman, human rights lawyer Michel Shammas.

Yara Shammas was arrested in Damascus on March 7 together with nine other young activists. Six of them have been released, most of them girls wearing the Islamic headscarf. The ones still in prison are a freelance journalist, a university student and the Christian Shammas, who has a degree in computer science and has been accused of giving moral support to the activists in Homs. Homs is the Syrian stronghold of the protest against the regime that started more than a year ago and has suffered a harsh military clampdown by the regime. Before she was moved to the prison of Adra (Damascus) and to Homs last week, Shammas was held for weeks in an underground prison of the military secret services, one of the four agencies controlled by the Syrian regime that has ruled the country for more than half a century. (ANSAmed).


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