Crisis: Greece, now also judges on strike against cuts

Doctors on strike against salaries reduction

05 September, 12:49

A protest outside the Greek Parliament in Athens (archive photo) A protest outside the Greek Parliament in Athens (archive photo)

(ANSAmed) - ATHENS - From today, Greek judges are in a state of turmoil due to cuts in their salaries that the government is going to approve in the package of economic measures to recover 11.5 billion euro required by the troika (IMF, EU and ECB) to have the granting of more than 30 billion needed to recapitalize Greek banks.

"Any further reduction in our salaries - is written in the statement released by the five associations of judges - would lead to a total reduction of 50% of our income and it is contrary to the Constitution because the salaries of judges do not correspond anymore to the importance of their mission and cannot guarantee a dignified life, especially for those of first and second degree".

In addition, associations call for an immediate meeting with Prime Minister Antonis Samaras and the leaders of the two other parties supporting the government, Evangelos Venizelos of PASOK and Fotis Kouvelis of the Democratic Left, and invite their colleagues to participate in a general protest of all Judges scheduled for today at 12:30 local outside the home of Arios Pagos, the supreme court of the country. At the same time a meeting between the Prime Minister, Venizelos and Kouvelis is scheduled, to finalize budget cuts for the biennium 2013-2014 to be submitted this week to the Troika.

In addition to this, on September 17, the first day of the Judicial year, events are scheduled in all major cities of the country with the suspension of trials and activities.

Even doctors, for their part, have decided today an abstention from work from 11:00 planning a demonstration outside the headquarters of the Ministry of Finance. Also today, among other things, Rectors of Universities of Greece will gather to decide how to react to the reduction of their salaries, performed by the government.(ANSAmed).


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