Tunisia: Salafist Extremist Attack Alcohol Sellers

29 October, 15:36

(ANSAmed) - Rome, 29 October - An alcohol beverages seller was attacked in La Manouba by a group of Salafist extremists, who cut off four of his fingers.

The incident supposedly happened on Saturday night, with attacks culminating with an attack of a National Guard official, who was allegedly hit on the head with a large knife and is in serious conditions, according to the Arab site, Assabah News.

According to the site the alcohol salesman was transferred to the capital's Charles Nicole hospital. He successively refused to lay charges on his aggressors, stating that he preferred to resolve the matter "his own way".

Clashes between Salafist Muslims, which are now acting as the "religious police" , and alcohol sellers are continuing in Douar Hicher, according to Security sources. (ANSAmed).


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