Syria: situation reaches "apocalyptic" proportions

Bombs hit "everywhere and anytime", Catholic priest says

12 November, 19:20

(ANSAmed) - ROME, 12 NOV - ''Things are deteriorating daily in Aleppo. It's truly a street war that is destroying, with a brutality without precedent, our ancient and beautiful city. We can say that we're facing an 'apocalyptic' situation: bloodshed, injuries, deaths, refugees, people that are desperate, that have emigrated, are being detained, kidnapped, unemployed''. This is what a Catholic priest living in Aleppo's city centre has written in an email when asked to comment the situation.

''I'm still alive and standing, but for how long?'' He wonders, ''It's only been a few days since we have been able to use communication means again. For almost three months we have been isolated from the rest of the world.''.

''We are now connected to the Internet again, albeit erratically,'' he continues, saying that bombs are dropped ''everywhere and anytime.'' He adds that in recent months his parish church was hit ''by a bomb with heavy artillery'', which ended up in the church's courtyard, fortunately there were no casualties.

''All the church's doors, windows and glass were destroyed,'' he writes, ''The nice facade of the church, made in carved stone, was shattered by the fragments. Despite all this, life continues. We are trying to survive, along with all those who are still in the city either by force or choice, expressing all possible solidariety towards each other, and the minimum hope necessary to resist the daily death and sorrow.'' Aleppo has been experiencing ongoing fighting for the last three months, in a city divided by a rebel-controlled area and an area controlled by government forces. (ANSAmed).


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