Syria: four women non-violent activists arrested in Damascus

Wearing wedding gowns, holding banners calling for end to war

21 November, 19:49

(ANSAmed) - BEIRUT, NOVEMBER 21 - Syrian secret police arrested four young women activists from the non-violence movement in the heart of Damascus on Wednesday, eyewitnesses told ANSA.

Rima Dali, sisters Kinda and Lubna Zaaur, and Ruaa Jaafar were demonstrating on Midha Pashat Street in the Damascus covered market, wearing wedding dresses and holding three red (''like the blood of the victims'') banners that recited, in white: ''For the Syrian human being, civil society announces the end of all military operations in Syria''; ''Syria belongs to all of us''; and ''You are tired and we are tired, we want a second solution.'' Each banner was signed ''100% Syrian'', a reference to the ruling regime's constant accusation that activists are ''foreign-paid mercenaries.'' The Syrian government has been saying for months that it wants a ''national dialogue'' with ''the peaceful opposition'', attributing the failure of its efforts to ''armed terrorists.'' Official media have yet to report on the young women's arrests. Dali, an Alawite like President Bashar al-Assad and the clans that have been in power for more than 40 years, had been arrested in past months after blocking traffic by herself near the Parliament building in Damascus, holding a red sign with similar slogans. Upon her release she gave a brief interview to the BBC, who was in Syria on official accreditation, and was arrested once more. The other three activists are from the Druze-majority As-Suwayda governorate. Also in Damascus on Wednesday, a mortar round for the first time hit the embassy neighborhood, where Assad has one of his residences. (ANSAmed).


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