Tunisia: UGTT HQ attacked, unionists almost lynched in video

Attack by gov't supporters, former minister among the injured

05 December, 14:59

(ANSAmed) - TUNIS, DECEMBER 5 - A shocking video broadcast on Nessma TV shows yesterday's attack in Tunis on the central headquarters of the UGTT union by a group of government supporters. Hundreds are seen in the video just before they attack Tunisia's most powerful union (its offices are located in central Tunis) and then during the attack itself, with the attackers using what seems an iron bar or railings to knock down the door. The attackers claim to belong to the League for the Protection of the Revolution, and their actions met with opposition from the severely outnumbered union members, who were soon forced to retreat.

The video shows the attackers chasing the union members and hitting them with sticks and flag poles. One of the most shocking sequences shows a unionist hit to the back of his neck by a stick, who then fell violently to the ground and continued to be kicked in the head, despite his clearly being unconscious.

A few minutes later police in anti-riot gear arrived in front of the union headquarters and placed themselves between the attackers and those attempting to defend the offices. However, the police seemed to take a passive stance in the video, despite the fact that the attackers continue to chase and beat one individual(evidently considered an adversary). Dozens were injured, including Said Aidi,former minister and representative of the Al Joumhoury party. Aidi sustained serious injuries to his face when he tried to put up resistance to the attack. (ANSAmed).


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