Crisis: Greece; protest of local employees gets bitter

Against layoff of thousands of workers

12 December, 12:23

Greek local administration employees protest against government plans in Athens Greek local administration employees protest against government plans in Athens

(ANSAmed) - ATHENS - A protest of local administration employees who are refusing to compile a list of workers to be placed on redundancy payment and laid off requested by the Greek ministry of administrative reform is becoming increasingly bitter. The ministry asked local governments to draft the list to cut costs and comply with the requirements outlined by Greece's international creditors. On Wednesday, under a decision of the Greek federation of local government employees Poe-Ota, all municipal service across the country will be suspended while a union meeting has been scheduled 'to re-examine and organize a more forceful reaction of the sector', said a statement of the union. A protest in Karaiskakis square in Athens has also been organized along with the usual march to reach the building of the ministry of administrative reform.

'With initiatives bringing to mind Mafia-style actions and blackmail, the ministry of administrative reform has cancelled the names of workers with open-ended contracts in the public sector and local governments from its list of employees', the Poe-Ota statement said. 'People are being fired single-handedly from their jobs as part of a shameful and unconstitutional law'.

Today's strike is part of the union's response to a ministerial measure under which local administration managers had been order to send within 24 hours a list of employees who could be placed in redundancy payment before being fired. The ministry had announced it would temporarily suspend all administration workers with open-ended contracts if managers failed to provide the list, and did so after the list was not drafted.(ANSAmed).


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