Crisis: Spain; homeless shelter occupancies rising

Due to unemployment, marital separation

21 December, 15:29

(ANSAmed) - MADRID, DECEMBER 21 - This year Spanish homeless shelters assisted 22,938 people, 10% more than last year, with 40% having made use of the services due to job loss. These are the initial figures from a survey conducted by the National Statistics Institute (INE) on adults in municipalities with over 20,000 inhabitants. Most of them were Spanish nationals (54.2 %) under age 45 (57.7%). Fifty per cent of them had children in their care. Among the most frequently cited reasons forcing people to make use of the shelters (in addition to unemployment) are not being able to pay for housing (26%) and separation from one's partner (20.9%). Of the homeless, 31.9% have been so for less than one year and 44.5% for over three years. The region seeing the highest number of inhabitants in the homeless shelters is Catalonia (21.3%), followed by Madrid (15.4%) and Andalusia (13.1%), while the regions with the lowest percentages are La Rioja (0.5%), Cantabria (1.1%) and Navarra (1.4%).(ANSAmed).


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